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No matter how many mistakes they make, I always tell my students to keep working on themselves and be confident in their English skills. To reach your learning goals, you need to try and do your best in everything you do. Students who try hard and don’t back down tend to get better quickly.



Teaching Approach

In order to provide a positive learning environment, we only choose educators who have a genuine interest in passing on their knowledge of the English language to students. Having qualified teachers ready to assist at our campus means students always have someone to help them in their studies. Our mission is to support and assist students in achieving their English learning goals.

Our Teachers

Our teaching staff are all CELTA qualified, which gives them specific training for the teaching of English. They will focus on all the skills you need to improve your English and at the same time make your learning experience a fun journey, using engaging and student-centred methods.

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Ryan has over 20 years of teaching experience and has taught in Taiwan, Spain, and London. As an academic manager and CELTA trainer certified, he organises teaching teams to help students improve their overall English communication skills.


Ben has been teaching for about 20 years, initially in Japan and then Italy, with stints in language schools in London throughout. He is a passionate teacher who gives all of himself to make his classroom the ideal scenario to learn English. Ben is a CELTA-certified teacher.


Michelle, our CELTA-certified teacher from the UK, is experienced in teaching English online to students from all over the world and has an 8-year marketing career. She enjoys engaging with different cultures and brings enthusiastic energy to the class.



All our teachers are CELTA qualified, with specific experience in teaching English Language. At ES we believe that classes should be fun and interactive and therefore, you should not only learn but enjoy the experience as well.


To ensure a quality learning experience for all our students, we conduct evaluations of all our teachers every six weeks. This process helps in maintaining our teaching standards. As our students’ opinions are important for our success, we also collect their feedback through an online questionnaire.

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At ES London, we make learning English a memorable and fun experience for every student. We pride ourselves in the family-like atmosphere of our school. By learning and discovering London with us in a diverse community, your school will become a second home!