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Exploring London’s History and Architecture: A Special Benefit for ES Students

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Planning to start your fantastic journey to learn English in the UK with us? Well, prepare for an exciting surprise! Our language classes in London will not only help you immerse yourself in an excellent educational programme but also offer an open invitation to explore the city’s rich history and diverse architectural wonders. Let’s embark on a virtual journey and see how our students are uniquely positioned to get the best that this magnificent city has to offer. Let’s get started!

London: A Living History Lesson

Stepping into London is like time-travelling across centuries. From the beautiful Tower of London, a mediaeval castle that’s a thousand years old, to the neo-gothic splendour of the Houses of Parliament, history is woven into every part of this city. And guess what? As a student, you can live this history lesson daily!

Imagine visiting the British Museum—a treasure trove of artefacts from around the globe—after class or spending a sunny afternoon by the Thames, with the historic London Bridge and Big Ben as your backdrop. We offer various social activities to let you experience how history is alive and well, pulsating through the heart of London.

Architectural Wonderland at Your Doorstep

London’s architecture is as diverse as it is stunning. Gothic, Victorian, Art Deco, Modernist—you name it, London has it! These architectural marvels from ancient times are among the top reasons to study English in London.
Discover the detailed craftsmanship of Westminster Abbey, the classic Gothic church that has witnessed numerous royal weddings, or visit the Shard, a contemporary glass masterpiece that pierces the London skyline. Want a blend of old and new? Swing by the Natural History Museum, a Victorian architectural wonder that houses a vast range of exhibits within its stunning interiors.

Learning Beyond Classroom Walls

Living and studying in London offers the unique advantage of experiential learning. The city itself becomes an extension of your classroom. History and architectural studies don’t just remain academic subjects; they become interactive activities that you can experience. Understanding the significance of the Great Fire of London becomes much more interesting when you’re standing next to the monument that commemorates it, right?

Sparking Conversations and Making Connections

Studying in a historically and architecturally rich city also gives you fantastic conversation starters! Discussing the impressive engineering of the London Eye or the historical importance of St. Paul’s Cathedral helps you engage with your classmates, locals, and even your professors on a deeper level. Who knows? These discussions might also lead to friendships and connections that last long after your course is over!

A Lifetime of Memories

Lastly, studying in London is not just about learning and career growth. It’s about creating a lifetime of memories. Imagine studying for your exams in the shadow of the majestic Victoria and Albert Museum or celebrating the end of term with a picnic in the historically significant Hyde Park. These experiences enrich your student life, making it as memorable as it is valuable.

London’s rich tapestry of history and architecture provides an unrivalled backdrop to your learning journey. As a student, you won’t just be studying a course—you’ll be living iconic experiences that broaden your horizons, deepen your understanding, and remain etched in your heart forever. So, ready to hop on this adventure? Come join us today!

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