Watch These Netflix Shows to Learn English Easily

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You may be surprised to know this, but one of the best and easiest ways to learn English language skills is through watching Netflix! You can easily improve your English vocabulary, listening skills and comprehension by choosing from the hundreds of TV shows and movies available, making Netflix both entertaining and educational. The language in many shows is casual, which will help you to learn more informal expressions to use in your conversational English. You also have the option of pausing, rewinding or using subtitles as an aid to your learning. Best of all, you can watch at any time and choose a movie or show on any topic that interests you. With so much choice available, are you wondering how to study the English language

Here are a few of the best Netflix shows for English students:


A popular American TV series, ‘Friends’ follows the lives and loves of six best friends in Manhattan, New York City. Hilarious storylines and warm, relatable characters make this one of the most endearing sitcoms of all time. It is suitable for beginners learning any General English course, as the language used is mostly conversational, so can be used in your daily communication as you practise your English speaking skills.

The Crown

‘The Crown’ is a period drama based around the British Royal family, especially the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Most characters speak with an upper-class accent (known as upper received pronunciation). The majority of people in the UK don’t speak with this accent, so don’t expect to hear it spoken much if you visit. However, it makes the words very clear to understand, making ‘The Crown’ one of the best TV shows to learn English from. It’s great to practise your listening, no matter what your level of English currently is.

Netflix: The Crown

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This is a much-loved US comedy series. It follows an easy-going detective, Jake, and his flawed colleagues as they patrol the fictional 99th precinct of the NYC Police Department in Manhattan, under the watchful gaze of their strict, newly appointed captain. ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ is a comedy with heart that features funny, likeable characters. The dialogue is modern, natural-sounding American English which is great for improving your conversation skills.

Netflix: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Stranger Things

One of the most popular Netflix shows ever, this is for you if you love mysteries and the supernatural. Set in 1980s Indiana, USA, it shows the impact of strange, magical events on the lives of a range of child and adult characters. It’s exciting, adventurous and heart-warming all in one. You should definitely watch ‘Stranger Things’ with the captions on – as the captions are detailed and unusually descriptive, this is one of the best Netflix shows for English students who want to expand their vocabulary.

Netflix: Stranger Things

Hopefully, these suggestions have proved that Netflix is the ideal place to improve your English skills and be entertained at the same time. To begin with, it’s best to choose a short show of about 20 minutes’ run time (such as ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’), as it is easier to absorb new vocabulary in short bursts. Whatever shows you choose, you will definitely find that Netflix is a brilliant and enjoyable resource that will help you take your English to the next level.

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